Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should my child wear in the pool?

    For all fully toilet trained children regular swim wear is required. We advise boys not to wear long knee length swim shorts as this restricts their swimming.

  • What should I bring for my child?

    It is recommended to bring a bottle of water for your child to drink after they finish the lesson.

  • What if my child has never been in the water before?

    All our teachers are very experienced with dealing with nervous children and they will know how to deal with the children. However it is always best to take your child to the pool before hand to familiarise him/her with the layout and facilities.

  • How do I enrol my child onto lessons?

    Email or call the Swim School to be booked onto the next course. If tour classes are full we have a waiting list that you will be placed onto

  • If I am placed on the waiting list, how long can I expect to wait?

    The time you can be on the waiting list varies depending on numerous factors. Where possible we will endeavour to make the wait time as short as possible.

  • What age can my child begin swimming lessons?

    At present we take swimmers on from three years old up to the age of 10

  • When are the lessons?

    Our Childrens lesson timetable is listed underneath the Childrens Learn to swim section (Hover over lessons)

    Adult one to one lessons vary so contact us to find out more information.

  • What if the lesson time is no longer suitable?

    We understand that things change in life so your swim lesson times may not be suitable. Where possible we will try and accomadate by offering alternative lesson times but this isn't always possible

  • How long does a lesson last for ?

    30 minutes is the length of each lesson.

  • How much will lessons cost?

    Please contact us for more information in regards to lesson costs.

    Children who join a course midway through will pay a pro rata payment

  • How many children are in each class?


    Classes will not go past 10 children which is the percent size to ensure that you and your children receive the best possible service. All our instructors are trained to deliver to swimming lessons to classes of this size

  • Who are your swimming instructors?

    All our swimming instructors are a minimum of Level 2 ASA qualified (And STA equivalent) as well as going through a rigorous interview process to ensure that they deliver lessons to the standard which train2swim is none for

  • Am I able to watch the lessons?

    Of course we encourage parents to watch there little ones on there swimming journey, we ask when coming onto poolside you wear appropriate footwear and try to keep interaction to a minimum with your child to ensure they get the most out of there lessons

  • What Swimming Awards can I expect my child to get?

    We follow the STA learn to swim program, you can find more information on the awards by hovering over the lessons tab

  • How do I re-enrol onto the next course?

    A week before the end of each course you will receive a slip asking whether you wish to re-enroll, this needs to are returned to your swim teacher on the last lesson of the term or you need to ring the office before or on this day.

  • What if I the miss the payment date?

    If you miss the payment date or you know your won't be able o pay until after this date please let us know, if payments are missed and we receive no correspondence we will assume the space has become open and fill it.

  • What if my child misses a lesson due to sickness?

    We do not offer refunds or catch up lessons for general sickness, however if it is long term please call the office to discuss the situation and we will try to be accommodating.